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The Inspiration Federation is an educational Not-for-Profit organisation that works with young people to inspire, raise aspirations and promote positive citizenship. We work tirelessly with young people across the UK, to help them reach their potential and engage positively within their communities.

We are supported by charitable grant giving organisations to co-ordinate and deliver programmes to support our mission. Some recent supporters include; the National Lottery Community FundComic Relief;  Groundwork UK and The Heritage Fund.

Endorsement from the Former Prime Minister

“The Inspiration Federation’s work in helping schools to celebrate local heroes is an inspiration. Through hard work and dedication, the Heroes Day Programme of resources is making our communities stronger, and our country a better place.”

David Cameron, Former Prime Minister


We work tirelessly with young people across the UK to raise aspirations, self confidence and inspire them to reach their potential. The Inspiration Federation collaborates with schools, youth clubs and other youth, arts and health and well-being organisations, coordinating meaningful projects and programmes that ensure young people from all backgrounds and walks of life benefit from our work.

We work closely with the education sector; One of the programmes we organise and co-ordinate on a continual basis is the ‘Heroes Day Programme’ in schools across the UK. One of our core beliefs is that too many young people idolise, and are influenced by, celebrities and people from reality TV programmes. (It is important to note that some celebrities do, and indeed have done inspirational things!).

The ‘Heroes Day Programme’ recognises and champions the inspirational people in our communities. It is our aim to teach young people the key differences between celebrity and heroism, promoting the importance of hard work, determination, grit and resilience. The Programme provides an opportunity for young people to learn about the truly inspirational people of the past and also the anonymous inspirational people of the present, within our local communities.

In today’s society, it is also important that young people learn about the values and diversity that makes Great Britain great!

We also coordinate community projects, linking up with many organisations across the charitable sector, arts sector and heritage sector, helping young people engage positively in their communities, helping them reach their potential, and break down any barriers they face to living a happy, healthy and positive life.

Support from Ade Adepitan MBE

“The work of the Inspiration Federation and The Heroes Day Programme is fantastic. It is great to see young people being given the opportunity to learn about, and engage with inspirational people from all walks of life. Promoting positive citizenship and raising the aspirations of young people in this way is inspirational”

Ade Adepitan MBE – Paralympic Medalist and TV Presenter


We raise money to support youth workers, NHS, armed services and emergency service personnel to get involved in our programmes to inspire young people and raise their aspirations.

Support from Karen Darke MBE

“Heroes are all around us, every day, often in ‘disguise’. The heroes of our world are ‘ordinary’ people, who without knowing it are doing ‘extraordinary’ things. Just by being who they are or following their passion, they are inspiring those around them. . The ‘Heroes Day Programme’ and the ethos behind it is doing fantastic work, reminding young people of the values and work behind the true heroes of our community and society. Perhaps if we engage with a passion, cause or purpose, and try our best, then we all become heroes of sorts, and contribute to a better world in our own small way.”

Karen Darke MBE- British Paralympic gold medalist, and author