The Inspiration Federation is a Not-For-Profit Organisation that works with young people to; educate and promote positive citizenship and social responsibility; raise aspirations; champion the true inspirational people within our communities; inspire young people to reach their potential, and also raise money to support those injured during active service in the Emergency Services and HM Armed Forces.

Originally the organisation was founded by Danny Glavin, a teacher from Fareham, Hampshire. After hearing about the tragic death of his childhood friend whilst serving in Afghanistan, he decided to fund raise for a military charity in his memory. Inspired by the sacrifice made by his childhood friend, in 2011, Danny created ‘National Heroes Day’ (a day where people in the UK can honour their own heroes whilst raising money for charity) and involved his childhood friend’s father to help him promote it. All monies raised from the ‘National Heroes Day’ fund raising events went to a military charity, but Danny decided it was also important to disperse the charitable support to the Emergency Services too, so he set up The Inspiration Federation, where all charitable funds raised go to support those injured both in the Armed Forces and Emergency Services! 

In schools, Danny observed a modern societal trend among young people and devised an educational programme to combat it. He believes that “Too many young people in modern society idolise ‘celebrities’ and people from ‘reality’ TV programmes.”

Danny believes; “Within this shallow celebrity culture of the modern digital world, it is important to work with young people to champion the true heroes and inspirational people of our past and present, both on a global scale and in our local communities. It is vital that we inspire our young people to be conscientious citizens and raise their aspirations, whilst changing the way they view the world around them.”

These motivators led Danny to create The Inspiration Federation, which serves to; educate and promote positive citizenship and social responsibility among young people; champion the true inspirational people within our communities; and also raise money to support such a worthy cause.